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Cash for your car

No matter what condition your Acura 2.2CL is in, we will buy it from you. In fact, we come to you and haul it away – the price we pay includes free towing! We offer the most cash for your car!

The Acura 2.2CL made its debut in 1997, but it doesn’t matter what year model your 2.2CL is; it doesn’t matter the color or condition. We buy and sell Acura 2.2CL cars all over the country, at our hundreds of nationwide locations.

Our Price Guide analyzes the worth of Acura 2.2CL cars in any condition from all over the country, so it’s remarkably accurate as well as easy to use. Simply select the year, make and model of your car, fill in additional information, and look up your price! This price is guaranteed for seven days!

Below you’ll find examples of the prices we’ve recently paid for Acura 2.2CL cars across the country. These 2.2CLs all vary in location, condition, color, year and more, but what they have in common is that they each earned a higher price than they would have at any of our competitors. We can afford to pay you more for your Acura 2.2CL because we buy and sell more cars across the country every day than anyone else.

If you have an Acura 2.2CL that you want to get rid of because it doesn’t run at all, it doesn’t run very well, or you’re just plain ready for a new car, then look up your car in our Price Guide and get cash for your Acura 2.2CL today!

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1997 ACURA 2.2CL

Water / 24,000 Miles
Houston, Texas
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$ 75

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