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How To Get A Duplicate Vehicle Title

IAA Will Obtain a Duplicate Title for Your Vehicle

Getting a duplicate title to your vehicle is difficult to handle on your own when your state's Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) requirements are unclear or hard to find. If done incorrectly, you may experience a lengthy delay when selling your vehicle. Whether a lender has a lien on your vehicle that has not been released or your state requires a power of attorney (POA) to obtain a duplicate title, IAA's expert title staff will do the work when you sell your vehicle to IAA.

Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. is the Vehicle Title Expert

We process millions of vehicle titles each year. IAA has over 200 title clerks in our branches across the country. Many are cleared for direct electronic access to states' Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) computers. We can overcome obstacles to selling your vehicle to IAA when you do not have the title in hand.

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