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IAA keeps more than 1 trillion pounds of unused motor vehicles and parts out of overcrowded landfills each year.

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Cash for your car Cash for your car Cash for your car Cash for your car
Cash for your car

We will buy your car no matter what condition it is in.

When you look up your vehicle in our Price Guide, our computer instantly selects up to four similar vehicles from our proprietary database of millions of used vehicle transactions. Photographs of each vehicle will be shown, along with the price we will pay you for your car! You pick the vehicle matching your vehicle's condition, and that's the price we will pay you. It's that easy! There are no tricks; there are no hidden fees. We simply give you cash for your car, truck or SUV.

The price we offer includes FREE towing from wherever you are to one of our 150+ store locations. We have locations in every state in the USA. Don't need towing? We'll still tow it for free as a convenience to you. That?s why people all over the country choose us to buy their car every day.

No personally identifiable information is required to look up your price. You?ll receive your price instantly, and we will honor that price for seven days. You will receive payment after we receive your vehicle with a transferrable title. Our Price Guide is FREE for you to use. Simply fill out the form above and click the Look Up Price button.

It doesn?t matter what condition your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle is in, Cash for Cars will buy it for cash today! Look up your price in our Price Guide and then call us toll-free to speak with one of our purchasing specialists, and get cash in your pocket today!

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TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Title must be free and clear. USA only. Not available in all locations. Not available for all vehicles. Seller's vehicle must be same make, model, series and year (as determined by its Vehicle Identification Number) as vehicle in photograph. Price is dependent on Seller's vehicle being in the same condition (e.g. damage, mileage, attributes, features) as the vehicle in photograph. In the event of a dispute between IAA and Seller about the condition of the vehicle, Seller is not obligated to sell vehicle to IAA. Seller receives payment after IAA receives the vehicle with transferrable title. Price expires in seven (7) days. Towing limited to 100 miles from IAA's branch. This program may be altered or terminated at any time by IAA. US households only. Limit one per household. For the safety of our towers, IAA makes payment in the form of check.