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Learn how to sell used cars today at IAA!

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Cash for your car Cash for your car Cash for your car Cash for your car
Cash for your car

At Cars.IAAI Locations, We Buy & Sell Used Cars Every Day

Find out how to sell your used car at Cars.IAAI.com!


At Cars.IAAI, we buy and sell used cars every day. We are the largest used car buyer and auctioneer in the country, and we’re known for being able to offer high prices when we buy used cars and low prices when we sell used cars. We cut out the middle man, buying directly from car-owners and then turning right around to sell used cars at our own auctions, so we can keep our prices low.


We sell used cars of every make, model and model year at our auto auction locations across the USA and in Canada. Examples of used cars we sell include:



Not only do we sell used cars at our auctions, but we make it easier than ever for you to sell used cars to us! We offer more cash for your car than any of our competitors, and provide a handy Price Guide so you’ll know exactly how much we’re guaranteed to give you when you sell your used cars to us.


If you are in the market to buy used cars at our auto auctions or sell used cars like Hondas, Saturns or Volkswagens to us for cash, please visit one of our nationwide locations or call us toll-free at 1-877-453-5788 to speak with one of our expert purchasing specialists.

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